Some thoughts on DZK’s talks

I'm not writing posts for this blog anymore, but I am still updating it, and so I'm interested in publishing suitable posts from you, our readers. Just send it via the contact page. I can't guarantee to publish it, but I can guarantee to read it. Just make sure that you read the About page … Continue reading Some thoughts on DZK’s talks


The Benefit of Criticism

In Tibetan Buddhism there is a reason for the instruction not to criticise one’s teacher. The idea is that students avoid the kind of constant petty criticism that prevents them seeing beyond their judgemental mind. It is supposed to be a way to help them see with their wisdom mind (see purely), but when it’s … Continue reading The Benefit of Criticism

Is Vajrayana Buddhism a Cult Religion? Part 1

Does Vajrayana fit the definition of a cult? ‘Cult’ is a word that has different definitions, but the definition that concerns us here is the negative one. According to the Google Dictionary a cult is “a system of religious veneration and devotion directed towards a particular figure or object, in particular a relatively small group … Continue reading Is Vajrayana Buddhism a Cult Religion? Part 1