Were you a victim of abuse? Or are you unsure?

Posting this at the request of Josephine Cesbron. Josephine Cesbron of  the ADFI  association in Montpellier - a state recognized association that defends families and individuals -  specializes in working with the victims of cults. Unlike her husband Jean Baptiste who gathers testimonies of abuse that took place in French territory, Josephine gathers testimonies from victims of … Continue reading Were you a victim of abuse? Or are you unsure?


Defamation Case News & Cult Checklist

We have just heard that the Lerab Ling community is going ahead with the lawsuit for defamation of the French Lawyer Jean-Baptiste Cesbron who was assembling testimonies from people harmed by their time in Rigpa for statements he said about Lerab Ling in the local newspaper, the Midi Libre, in December 2017. According to those bringing the … Continue reading Defamation Case News & Cult Checklist