Tough Questions for the Investigators

A truly objective third-party investigation if done fully and with transparency by a respected agency should bring closure to the turbulent events in Rigpa and bring much healing to a great many shattered lives. However, this will not happen, if it's not begun soon and if it's not undertaken as extensively and transparently as required. … Continue reading Tough Questions for the Investigators


What a Third Party Investigation Should Do

A What Now? group member spoke to An Olive Branch (an American Buddhism-based organisation that provides organizations with processes for healing and restoring harmony) and was informed that they have not been contacted by Rigpa to provide a neutral third party intervention. Nevertheless their experience in working with ethical violations in Buddhist communities makes them a valuable … Continue reading What a Third Party Investigation Should Do

What Should be in Rigpa’s Next Communication

What they promised The last communication from Rigpa international set out three initiaves in response to the attestations of abuse: An independent investigation of the allegations of abuse … [by] a neutral third party to fully respond to the concerns raised and to lay a foundation for restoring trust and confidence in the Rigpa community … Continue reading What Should be in Rigpa’s Next Communication