Tough Questions for the Investigators

A truly objective third-party investigation if done fully and with transparency by a respected agency should bring closure to the turbulent events in Rigpa and bring much healing to a great many shattered lives. However, this will not happen, if it's not begun soon and if it's not undertaken as extensively and transparently as required. … Continue reading Tough Questions for the Investigators


HH the Dalia Lama Mentions Rigpa again.

On the 6th of Sept 2017 at his residence in Dharamshala, His Holiness mentioned Rigpa in a talk to some students from the University of California.¬†Among other things he said that "If [institutions] use name of Dharma [for] exploitation, they, themselves, not properly practised ¬†Dharma, including some Tibetan Lama." It's short, so doesn't take much … Continue reading HH the Dalia Lama Mentions Rigpa again.