In January 2019, the name of this blog changed from What Now? to Beyond the Temple to reflect a desire to broaden the subject matter from the original focus and not be defined by our relationship to Rigpa. This blog is primarily for a community with a shared ground of spiritual abuse but not defined by it. The focus is on our spiritual path and being a sangha to each other no matter where our path takes us.

Posts are by Tahlia Newland and members of the Beyond the Temple community.


The philosophy of Beyond the Temple can best be expressed with the following quotes:

“Dwell with yourself as your own island, with yourself as your own refuge, take no other refuge. Take the Dhamma as your island, take the Dhamma as your refuge, take no other refuge.” The Buddha, Mahāparinibbāna Sutta

“There is no need for temples; no need for complicated philosophy. Our own brain, our own heart is our temple; the philosophy is kindness.” HH Tenzin Gyatso, the 14th Dalai Lama.


This blog was originally called What Now? It was set up by Tahlia Newland in July 2019 after eight students sent a letter to Sogyal Lakar/Rinpoche and the Rigpa sangha outlining his abusive behaviour. What Now aimed to educate readers about issues raised by the attestations of abuse in Rigpa through the dissemination of information and informed opinion. We also aimed to hold Rigpa and Sogyal Lakar/Rinpoche to account, but in a way that honored the ‘good’ while exposing the ‘bad’.


The opinons expressed on this blog and in the comments do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the blog owner. Tahlia Newland accepts no liability for the opinions expressed in the comments or articles.

Commenting Guidelines & Moderation

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Though we prefer not to have to moderate this conversation, individuals who engage in these forms of communication may have their comments removed without discussion – we don’t have time for arguments – and could be blocked from commenting further.

The majority of readers here have deep respect for Buddhism, and we wish to honour that point of view.  That does not mean that you can’t discuss its defects, but it does mean that, in respect for the aim of this site, the positive aspects should be honoured as well as the negative.

We offer our support with the best of intentions. May you receive them in the same spirit.