What Now? Blog has Moved

The What Now? blog has moved to http://beyondthetemple.com/, and it now called Beyond the Temple. The new blog has all the What Now posts and pages on it, but is organised better for easy acccess to reference material, can be search-engine optimised, and should be less likely to kick your comments into spam.

This site will remain even though it won’t be updated any more, so any links you may have used will still work, but they won’t go to the new site; they’ll come here still.

If you were a follower of the What Now? Blog you’re now a follower of the Beyond the Temple blog,  so you will still get updates of new posts in the mail. Your next update will be from the new blog where I hope we can continue and expand our wonderful conversations. I intend to be more hands on with moderation in the new blog.

For reasons for the shift, see the last post.